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  1. Zürich no es Alemania……………….

    • bueno, supongo que para un espanol es casi lo mismo (yo so aleman)

      • Vale que las encuestas educativas nos sitúan a la cola, pero diferenciamos Alemania y Suiza, será un fallo de transcripción, corta-pega… ;-)

        • James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (2 February 1882 13 January 1941)June 16,1904 is the day Joyce took Nora Barnacle to Ringsend,thus celebrated as Bloomsday.But you knew that alrdeay.

    • Interesting points and nice title picrute. Industry or not, I think if physicians and surgeons, who are no less diverse than translators and interpreters in training and/or specialization, don’t mind being part of health care industry or medical industry , why should we? My only concern is that translation industry is increasingly becoming something agencies use to veil their true identity and mislead consumers.

  2. Jajaja Bilbe, XD XD

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